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How quickly can I expect a proposal?

You can expect a proposal as quick as 1 business day from requesting from the website, or same business day from meeting with the Hive Health Sales team.

How much do Hive Health HMO plans cost?

Hive Health’s standard plans would range between P7,000 to P40,000 per employee per year, depending on the headcount, company industry, network access, and coverage limit (we offer from P50,000 Annual Benefit Limit to P500,000 Maximum Benefit Limit). If your company has specific requirements, Hive Health can customize the plan and pricing further.

What is the minimum number of employees that Hive Health can accommodate?

Hive Health offers HMO plans for SMEs with a minimum of 3 employees.

Can Hive Health cater to foreign entities?

Hive Health can provide HMO coverage for Filipino employees working for foreign-registered entities, provided that these companies can provide equivalent KYC business documents (certificate of registration, articles of incorporation).

Does Hive Health offer HMO plans for individuals or families?

Currently Hive Health only offers HMO plans for corporate clients.

What Our Members Have to Say

"Business owners build businesses because they want to create impact, and to create impact, you need to have a productive and healthy team. That's one of the reasons why I would recommend Hive Health."

Mikee Villareal
CEO & Co-Founder of Dot

"We’re seeing the trend now when people apply for companies— they don’t only look at how big their salary is, but how holistic the package being offered to them is. So we make sure we partner with the right people, and that’s why we chose to partner with Hive Health."

Sam Tangco
Founder and COO of Five Story Group of Companies

"The Hive Portal is very important because it helps our employees to apply the LOA (Letter of Approval) that most of HR personnel would do for them. And it lessened the work on the side of HR."

Rose Madla
Human Resources Management Development Head of StorageMart
4.9 out of 5 review rating from our members

"Working with the Hive Health Team has been a true pleasure. Administering our health benefit plan has been smooth and seamless. Their service is high-touch and they are dedicated to support the wellness of our team. It’s about time a product and service like this existed for smaller teams in the Philippines.  Thanks, Hive Health!"

Yen B.

HR Head, Kaya Founders

"Super appreciate Hive Health’s work and dedication! Our employees have been expressing their satisfaction with your services. Nagugulat na lang sila sa bilis ng response. Thank you for staying true to the “hassle-free” health plan promise!"

Maria V.

HR Manager, Edukasyon

"I have to say, I’m most impressed with the HR dashboard. Especially when you’re overlooking hundreds of employees, it’s really to easy to navigate and see the availments they’re actually using. Our employees are really taking care of their health, and we’d love to support that."

Angela B.

HR Manager, Five Story Group of Companies

"Hive Health is the most accessible and convenient HMO I’ve ever had, even compared to two other popular ones I’ve tried. Their team is always accommodating about questions. Combined with their intuitive website, I’ve successfully availed of my HMO benefits more times than I could’ve ever imagined."

Kayle A.

Head of Growth Operations, MadEats

"It’s time to move on to that phase where HMOs should offer mental health benefits to our employees. Of all the many things we like about Hive Health, that’s the top-notch benefit we’ve noticed. It never disappoints and we’ve continuously been getting good feedback."

Camille D.

Compensation and Benefits, NextPay

"Prior to taking on a founder role, I've tried 4 different HMO providers. There was no transparency with the benefits I receive. This resulted in me spending thousands of pesos of my own pocket money to cover my hospital bills. I'm glad my employees don't experience this because of Hive Health."

Victor R.

CEO and Co-Founder, Avion School